Thank you for visiting the memorial page of Tamryn Klapheke. This adorable 22-month old girl passed away on August 28, 2012.
This site is dedicated to her memory and to the future of her two sisters: Taberlee and Tatum. The picture below is our precious baby girl Tamryn.
The outpouring of love and support for the family has been tremendous. Anyone who has raised children understands the tremendous effort it takes and how the loss of a child is a tragedy.


Took off the Facebook page. Some people who think they know what is going on are laying blame on innocent people. Get a life seriously and stop commenting on every subject online. Log off Jenn and take care of your kids.


So this week, we learned the following:
CPS girl was having an affair with Thomas. No big deal there. What is concerning is this: Did this play any part in the coverup by CPS regarding Tamryn's death? Also, they had sex at another CPS workers house! Perfect for keeping it all in the agency I guess. CPS-Abilene is really screwed up. Two other CPS workers will plead the 5th and refuse to testify in this trial. What are they covering up? We need to hear the truth- we deserve to hear the truth.

Thomas was then questioned and asked if he knew that his mother took out an insurance policy on Tamryn and not the other girls. His lawyer stopped him from answering so we will never know if he knew or if this is true (I am trying to be unbiased here). If my mother was accused of something and I knew it NOT to be true, I would have answered regardless of what my lawyer said. Wouldnt you have? If this is true, What does that mean? I have never heard of such a thing. How strange would it be for a grandparent to take out one life insurance policy and not three for all the grandkids? Being a grandparent myself, I have no answers for this. This revelation deserves to be answered.

Lastly, We found out that Thomas had gay tendencies. I truly do not care about this except in this way: To Tiffany, this is another "abandonment" by someone she loved. Remember that her mother and grandmother both abandoned her. In her mind, Thomas "abandoned" her also by wanting to be with men. If you are female, how would that affect you?
We have had a few emails from readers of this. One, a Klapheke family member threatened to contact the asst. attorney general of Kentucky to have our website taken down. We are just asking questions here based on news reports. Needless to say, we continue to live in a country that, at least today, honors the first amendment.
Another reader, one from Dyess, agreed with these questions. There is much more to this situation than Tiffany simply not caring for the kids. IMHO, she was NEVER capable of doing so and the records prove so. You do not leave the care of babies in the hands of someone who has proved over and over again that they cannot care for them. To do so is negligence on the part of the person who left them in that care!!!!


If you have been following this story the past 16 months, there has been much new information that has come out. With any tragedy,there is always an initial emotional reaction that hits our hearts and our minds. We ask "How can this happen?". As grandparents of Tamryn, we asked the same questions. Some of those questions have now been answered and it is these answers that bring up additional disheartening questions.
Tiffany, Tamryn's mother is in jail in Abilene, Texas with her trial to begin the end of January 2014. However with all the new information that has been revealed in the past months, there are even more questions than answers. Here are the questions that keep us awake at night:

1. Could Thomas Klapheke, Tamryn's father, not have known that Tiffany was not capable of caring for the children after being sent overseas? This question is asked because of the fact that Child Protective Services (CPS) of Texas were called to the Klapheke residence
many times and had an open active investigation for over a year. All the former incidents of CPS visiting the Klapheke home were with Thomas stationed in Abilene - NOT overseas. If both Thomas and Tiffany were not taking proper care of the children together, how could Thomas expect Tiffany to care for them alone? The answer seems obvious - he knew she was not capable yet departed to overseas without asking anyone -CPS, Dyess AFB family services, his parents or in-laws for any help with his children. Sometimes there are crimes of commission and sometimes there are crimes of omission. Thomas didn't do anything for his children - Why not?

2. How could CPS have closed an open investigation without even visiting the Klapheke home? This goes against everything that CPS is to stand for. Then what did CPS do? They hindered the police investigation, covering up their mistakes even to the point of possibly destroying evidence. There has been resignations and firings due to this. Why isn't this considered criminal? Further information came out that Thomas was having an affair with a CPS worker. When did this start? Being on active duty at the time, why wasn't he charged with adultery like Perez was? (Adultery is a military crime). More coverup and conflict of interest on the part of CPS.

3. Where was Dyess AFB family services in all this? They were certainly aware of the family issues with the Klapheke family.
There were instances where Thomas' superior had to order him to take the girls to see their doctors after the children had missed appointment after appointment. Then Dyess transfers Thomas overseas and leaves Tiffany to care for the children on her own. No visits, no phone calls. The red flag had been waved many times at the Klapheke home with neglect of the health and welfare of these children - and this is with Thomas present. What were the people at Dyess AFB thinking?

Christopher Perez, painted to be Tiffany's "boyfriend" was dishonorably discharged for adultery and his part of the child neglect (by NOT doing what he should have done ). It appears that Thomas Klapheke, CPS personnel and Dyess AFB family services personnel should also be charged for their part in this tragedy. Perez was charged and convicted for a crime of omission (for NOT doing what was right) - the same crime of omission that Thomas Klapheke should face. Thomas knew Perez way before he departed for overseas. There is much more to this "relationship" than a boyfriend for Tiffany.

These questions haunt us. There are so many people who could have prevented the death of Tamryn Klapheke. Given the overwhelming evidence that Tiffany Klapheke could not care for the children
even with Thomas present; it would be criminal to leave the children in her care without providing safeguards to be sure the children would be healthy, safe and well taken care of. Only two people have been charged with this tragedy - that also is a tragedy. The rest go about their business - still working at CPS "protecting" children; taking "care" of crisis families at Dyess AFB, and having visitation of his other girls. That thought alone should keep other grandparents up at night worrying about their precious grandchildren.

With the facts now beginning to come out one by one in this story, I am both boiling mad and driven to tears. I am angry at Thomas, CPS, Dyess, and Perez. And I grieve the loss of Tamryn.

Will there be justice in this tragedy? There cannot be until all parties responsible for the death of Tamryn are brought to justice. This includes Thomas for leaving his children in the care of Tiffany when he
absolutely knew she was not capable of caring for them; CPS field workers, supervisors and those who destroyed evidence regarding the Klapheke investigation; and Dyess AFB family service personnel who were directly responsible for the Klapheke family.